Currently, my primary bike is my new 2007 Specialized S-Works Tricross or more well known as the project bike and the one frequently discussed in my posts.

2007 Specialized S-Works Tricross - as purchased

I do own two other bikes, one being a dark blue Raleigh Mountain bike. Older brother borrowed it, almost got run over by stupid college students multiple times in one day and hung it up in the garage. Need to find time to get it returned.

The other is a dark green road bike from the 80s. A pass down from the parents, it's currently hanging back in their garage as I've been sort of a nomad in recent years, only one bike could be my primary. Once settled down, I'll recover this bike as well.

I know those last two descriptions are sketchy, but rather that than give you false information, I'll have to look closely at the bikes which I don't have immediate access to at the moment as well as some very old receipts and manuals hidden who knows where. I will update this as soon as I have the information.

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