Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Sophisticated Cycler Begins

The purpose of this blog was so difficult to get across, that I ended up having to write it twice. For those of you who may have read the original version, you may notice a few changes with a little of the same. The entire purpose of this blog was not conveyed and I hope I did it better justice with the addition of two new paragraphs including this one.

When deciding on the first post for this blog, ultimately the decision of how the name came about as well as the purpose of this blog seemed to be the best place to start. When trying to describe what this blog was about, cycling was the first part of the title. However, this blog is not just about cycling so the next part of the title was a bit tricky. The style I'm looking for wouldn't exactly be what most people envision as eclectic nor eccentric. It wouldn't be retro bike building nor would it exactly be modern. It wouldn't be all about restorations or upgrades either. The bike(s) on the site are going to be built to be elegant and classic looking, while still appearing modern and sporty. They will have the durable, well-built features of older bikes with modern components and even frames. The bike(s) will be designed for racing, touring and just cruising around town - all in one bike. Most say that these elements are hard to achieve, if not downright impossible and when increasing the function in one area you will kill the success in the other. I'm here to tinker away and try to prove that wrong. To combine the old and the new, the time tested and proven with the new and innovative. To share my successes and failures, likes and dislikes, reviews (whether positive or negative) as well as to provide a place for reference for others to achieve a similar goal to save them the trouble of going through it all for themselves.

At the same time, this isn't all about the bike(s) themselves. Part of it is getting back into the same perspective as a kid where I experienced the world up close and personal. Not zooming past and seeing what's around me. A little more environmentally friendly as well as healthy for myself. It doesn't just stop there though, while I want the retro look and the modern components, I want the same with the clothes. No, I don't want to ride around looking like a golfer dressed in plaid and tweed. Yet at the same time, modern riders wear so much synthetic material they look like Richard Simmons in all his spandex and lycra. And considering my involvement in the medical field there may even be an article or two on health supplements or why doing certain things in cycling improve performance, but the reasons why they're unhealthy and/or banned in cycling.

While I may be keeping as anonymous as I can under a pseudonym in the meantime, I'm not a professional rider or bike builder, but I'm just your average guy who used to ride around as a kid a lot, picked back up a bike during college to get to classes and decided after that it was time to pick it up as a hobby and lifestyle choice. In essence, I'm trying to be a renaissance man in terms of cycling and while "The Renaissance Cycler" might sound alright at first, I didn't want people to think I'm riding around on wooden wheels. So here is where the blogging begins of my journey to be a cyclist "altered by education, experience, etc.," while combining many "complex" components in a way "reflecting educated taste" and "knowledgeable use" - more succinctly put, my journey to be The Sophisticated Cycler on a Sophisticated Cycle.


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere!

    You're a cyclist after my own heart. If you've seen my bikes, you know that I like a classic look, too. I am not trying to be "retro," although I like and use some things that are considered "retro," such as lugged steel frames, leather saddles and canvas bags. On the other hand, I am not a fan of most older components: Even the least expensive derailleurs and brakes work better than almost anything, even the most expensive, that was available back in the day. If you're actually going to ride the bike, I think it's foolish not to use those things.

  2. Welcome and best of luck with this new blog. I look forward to reading more. I'd like to learn more about touring bikes. I mostly ride for fun and exploring and use my bikes for commuting when I can. I always enjoy reading a new blog where I can learn something new and I also love the Blog title.


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