Thursday, April 28, 2011

Klean Kanteens

As crazy as it sounds, the little details matter the most. Even my water bottle choice. I went for something that will last a very long time, made without any sort of plastics and yes, bamboo. Klean Kanteen has come out recently with a stainless steel canteen made with food service grade steel, food service grade silicone top liner and a cap made of stainless steel and bamboo. While stainless steel isn't exactly the most environmentally friendly thing around, it can be cleaned thoroughly and reused for many many years. It's not made of aluminum which can leech into your liquids giving you things you don't want as well as change the flavor of whatever you're drinking. It has no plastics which can leak out BPA into whatever you're drinking, which as we all know is no good for us and gives things a plastic taste. I went for two of the Klean Kanteen Reflect brushed finish, which should not be as likely show fingerprints or scratches, although the mirrored finish is also very pretty.

Kleen Kanteen Reflect - Brushed

Kleen Kanteen Reflect - Mirror Finish
Following receiving these I plan on wrapping them with twine and using amber shellac to make a solid grip that will keep the temperature changes down in the bottle, keep the metal from getting scratched as much, provide a nice grip to the bottle and just make it look better in general, blending into the leather accessories of the bike to begin with. I'll show the progress on the project whenever the time comes.

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