Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brooks Leather Has Arrived

Some of these most recent posts are a little backdated I must admit, but the leather accessories I have order have arrived.

Brooks B17 Narrow Saddle

As soon as the Leather Saddle arrived with the Proofide Saddle dressing, I oiled the saddle up as well as the other items, put the saddle on the scratched up seat post and put it on the bike. While it's already on the bike, I don't have any pictures yet since the bike shop is evaluating the damage for FedEx (keep an eye out for new pictures tomorrow when I pick the bike up tomorrow).

Brooks Saddle Rain Cover
Brooks saddle rain cover, for when  a plastic bag isn't handy or stylish enough, this black raincoat like cover with a zip cord will stay on the seat, keep the water from getting the seat all wet and your butt from turning brown (or black depending on the color) due to the leather.

Brooks Proofide, Brooks D Saddlebag, Brooks Leather Handlebar tape and Brooks trouser strap.

Here are all the accessories in their boxes before you get to see them outside, the Brooks B17 Saddle Box as a nice base to show who makes it all. The Brooks Proofide, Brooks D Saddlebag, Brooks Leather Handlebar tape and Brooks trouser strap.

Brooks D Saddle Bag - Brown

The bag isn't really tiny, but it isn't huge. It's enough to hold the previously mentioned saddle rain cover as well as the trouser strap, however, after that the space is pretty limited. Could probably hold some sort of power bar in the leftover space. If you're not planning on doing some commuting, but exercising instead you could definitely get rid of the trouser strap and may possibly be able to get rid of the rain cover to stock up on snacks.

Brooks Trouser Strap

The whole purpose of this item is to keep your pants out of your chain. Plain and simple. Alternative methods include rolling your pants up past your knee or tucking it into your sock Mormon bike-rider style (no offense meant)... or a hardly noticeable strap that goes around your ankle keeping the pants snug and the fabric out of the chain. It's the same concept as those stiff bracelets kids have, where you slap it against your wrist and it wraps around. Amusing even if you're not using it to keep your pants out of the chain. Clearly not needed if you're going for a racing ride in shorts.

Brooks Saddlebag

Here's the saddlebag a second time. The part in the rear is the outside part hanging from the saddle hooks, whereas the front part slides in and out of the outside part with a little leather tab that hangs out and can be secured to the outside part. When first separating the two parts it was a bit difficult to remove one from the other even after unfastening the leather tab. Required running my fingers between the inside and outside to separate the leather which had gotten stuck together a bit after some time and heat, then some forceful pushing out out it came. I oiled all these items as previously mentioned, although I do recommend oiling the inside of the outer part of this bag set. That way the part with the tab that actually holds the items will be oiled and the outer shell it goes into will be oiled on the inside allowing you to slide it in and out more easily.

Brooks Handlebar Tape

Lastly, here is the handlebar tape with cork ends with the Brooks logo on the end. I feel like the cork ends give a nice finishing touch to complete the classic / retro look to the handlebars. This is being added on by the bike shop while they're doing the evaluation. As nothing is being asked for by FedEx on those parts it's fair game. The seat being switched shouldn't cause any problems either seeing as how the other seat is just sitting here.

Anyway, once I get back the bike from Wally's Bike Shop and once FedEx checks it out hopefully, I can get it powder coated regardless of whether or not they are paying for it. Just for anyone in McAllen, TX there has been only one bike shop for a really long time in McAllen, TX called Bicycle World. Every experience I've had there has been terrible. Never been asked if I needed any help, when I approach the staff generally they are quite unhelpful as if selling something to me were a bad thing. Needless to say, Wally's is the new kid on the block and when I went yesterday after I had already dropped off my bike, and asked for them to estimate the damages to the bike for FedEx, they were extremely helpful. Wally came out, gave me his personal e-mail to forward before pictures and said he'd have me taken care of by tomorrow. Brandon the bike mechanic is a really cool guy, sat there talking with me while he worked on a customer's bike. They sort of have a bar-like set up where the bike being worked on currently is behind the bar on a clearly visible and elevated bike stand with stools on the other side of the bar. On the left of this bar is a room with glass walls that serves as Wally's office and he seems to be on the floor as much as in the office, talking to customers, ringing them up at the register and helping them out in any way possible. Highly recommended!

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  1. I hope you come to love your Brooks saddle as much as I love mine.

    I didn't realize that you were from McAllen. That's where me and my wife are from. Small world.


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