Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Bottle Cage Question

Generally, the rule of thumb is metal water bottle, plastic cage. Plastic water bottle, metal cage is OK. Main reason being metal on metal will scratch each other up leaving your water bottle worse for wear. Being that I plan on twining and shellacking my metal water bottle, this leaves me open to choose either a plastic or metal cage. I'm not such a fan of plastic, once broken, all you can do is replace it or super glue it, but then it's not it's original strength anymore. It puts off a lot of chemicals to make and recycle, it fades and quite frankly I'm a bit of a clutz so it's more likely I'll destroy it. So metal is my preference and the VO Moderniste Cage is my choice.

Velo-Orange (VO) Moderniste Cage

In terms of the style of the cage, I wanted it to complement the bike's geometry. Being that the cross bar has a curve, a curved cage would mimic that look. Additionally, as I may simply wrap the twin around the bottle or make a decorative knotted line with the twine vertically down the bottle, I wanted a cage with an empty space down the middle. At the same time, I wanted something sleek, but retro looking and not big and clunky like a lot of metal cages. The VO Moderniste Cage is meant to fit the 27 oz normal Klean Kanteen (the Reflect is a Special Edition 27 oz), which means my Klean Kanteens will fit. All in all a good choice. Cost about $15 without shipping from Velo-Orange. After some searching I was able to find them for less than $30 with shipping and taxes included. Now just to wait for the cages and the bottles to arrive.

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