Thursday, April 28, 2011

Been A While

So after a longer than expected break from blogging, I'm back to give some details on the bike build. After finally arriving back in the country and being able to examine the newly arrived bike myself, there were quite a few surprises. In order to give some preface, the bike got "lost" in transit and ended up crossing the state lines of Idaho/Utah 4 times before finally making it's way to Texas. It was signature only and while it was signed for, it was not signed for by me and was delivered 10 houses down the street to my grandmother with Alzheimer's house and signed for by an older home healthcare worker who (1) barely speaks English and (2) has no idea about checking a package for damage and .. (3) oh that's right, she's not me and she's 10 houses down the street. Anyway, needless to say hopefully FedEx will redeem itself and pay out (since the package was insured for $1500).

"Package Found At" - Enough Said
As you can see the "Package [Was] Found At" where ever, hence the reason it was going back and forth causing extra damage.

Box picked up two additional handle holes and a mouth on it's corner.

As you can see the box has two large holes in it's side like a large projectile was shot through it and a hinged corner. What you don't see in this picture is the other holes:

Those two scrapes at the bottom actually go all the way through making two smaller holes...

And on the other side another two holes, a bit smaller than the ones on the opposite side.

The seat now has a mouth.

One shifter is missing it's cover and the other shifter cover... well, not so pretty anymore.

Seatpost now thoroughly scuffed on one side.

Carbon fiber fork scuffed heavily on the inside. It has an aluminum steerer so this might just be able to be painted over. The outside of the fork on this side also has 2 chips.

Other side has a 2-3 inch long scrape as you can see.

Only one pedal... honestly, what am I going to do with only one?? I'm assuming that the two pedals in the extended transit and rough handling were knocked loose causing the chips all over the frame and the scuffs on the fork. I guess it's a blessing in disguise that one fell out so less damage was caused. All the packing material also made it's way out via the many holes in the boxes. So all in all we're looking at:

  1. 15 Chips on the frame (not going to overwhelm you with pictures), 2 of which were originally there, this includes the 2 scrapes and chips on the fork. (~$100 repaint, ~$120 bike shop disassemble/reassemble, fork touch up ~$50 or ~$250 replacement)
  2. Seat has a big hole now. (~$100)
  3. Seatpost has some scraping. (~$15)
  4. Only one pedal in a set of two. (Speedplay Frogs: $125 MSRP)
  5. Only one shifter cover in a set of two, one pretty beat up. (Ultegra Shifter Covers: ~$15)
  6. Skewers/adeles/axles are a little beat up as I'm assuming the holes in the box let them poke their heads out and get beat up. Also missing one of the springs to go with it. (Ultegra Skewers: ~$35)

Shipper/seller opened up a claim with FedEx which maybe 2-3 days late after the 21 day post-delivery limit to open a claim. My position is that as it wasn't delivered to the correct address or signed for by me, they have no grounds to stand on and whenever the bike actually made it into my possession should be considered the "delivery" date. As of now it's a good thing it was insured, and the damage is looking at $560 or $760 depending on whether the fork simply can be touched up or the bike shop determines it would be safer to replace the fork. Bike shop is giving a repair estimate, which will be sent to FedEx tomorrow and they should be sending someone next week to check out the bike and box.

Stay tuned, more to come shortly, new accessories to follow.

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